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November 17, 2009
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October 28, 2009
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September 8, 2009
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April 2, 2008
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January 12, 2008
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August 25, 2006
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Internet Marketing

Contrary to what the gurus would have you think, Internet marketing is not rocket science. In fact, marketing in general is not all that difficult. Oh, there is science involved in the more advanced areas, but in the main, there are only a few simple rules to follow. How well you use them will dictate the level of your success.

There are a number of skills that you will need to either learn, or outsource. You need to learn about web site promotion, search engine submission, bulk email marketing, search engine optimization, and a number of others. The biggest problem is that the way these disciplines work, change almost monthly. You may need to optimize your web site one way, and a month later it has changed completely. That means you will need to spend a good deal of your time just keeping up.

To help you in this effort we have created, or more accurately, are creating a web site that is full of information to help you learn the ropes. We have many resources here, especially for beginners, and we link to many other resources. Most of these are completely free for the taking. We also offer some software tools to help you succeed, many of which are free as well. If you've never put up a website before, you can find out how right here.

You'll should learn as much as you can about search engine optimization. It's not impossible to get your site to number one, but it does take some hard work. The information we have here will help you avoid the traps, and make your work count. You will start by finding keywords that the target audience you want are using in the search engines.

Search engine optimization and search engine submission go hand in hand. You need to optimize your site for the engines you are submitting to. You can optimize each page for different keywords. For instance, you can make the title of each page point to a differnent set of keywords, and change the search engine placement of each page. Typically, one would be optimizing for Google - as it enjoys nearly 80% of the market share, while there are farily reliable tools to track your rankings in this Search Engine. The tool allows tracking of ranking not only across specific countries but even cities.

Another form of Internet marketing is paid search engine placement. There are many pitfalls in this area. While it is very easy to get the number one spot, it is not cheap, especially on highly desired keywords. You can wind up paying much more money for the ad than the revenue you receive. You'll need to look over paid search engine placement here. It is a key area for web site promotion.

Bulk email is a touchy subject. Everyone hates spam. There are responsible ways to use it though. Those prospects you paid dearly for in Overture need to be followed up. If you don't follow up, you have probably wasted your money. You can check out our information on bulk email here.

Pop ups are the new spam. Pop ups, pop-unders, time bombs are different manifestations of the same thing. They are designed to get ads in your face in a way you find difficult to stop. You should get all the information you can about this. Some of it is extrememly intrusive, while other methods are less so. Check out the pop up area.

One product you should look at is Down Alarm. Software that will watch your website so you can be sure it's up and running 24/7. It will even work with multiple web sites at the same time. It is very easy to use, you can get it running in the time it takes to download it, and one more minute. It will go to all of your web sites and check if they are running. If not, you will get notification on your computer. It would be terrible to do all the work on your web site, get it submitted, and just when the googlebot shows up to send you to number one, your site is down! This runs automatically on your own desktop machine, so there is no web site to check or set up.

After you get Down Alarm running, and see just how handy it is, You'll want to look into becoming a reseller of Down Alarm. There is a great reseller program available and you can make serious money. Check it out here.

For a good Internet business you should check this out. It will be an especially good addition to your existing businesses.


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